1. Sheila
    December 21, 2017 @ 5:38 pm

    This will be interesting to find out how he starts to believe in her gift. 🙂


    • Robin Michaela
      December 21, 2017 @ 7:01 pm

      Lol, here’s another excerpt, which gives a hint. Deedee (the “bad lady”) is a ruthless realtor who’s trying to get Adam to sign his newly inherited property over for sale. Lily is Adam’s young daughter and Nana Millie is his deceased grandmother.

      “Oh, thank you, hon. You are so strong. Such a gentleman, too,” Deedee cooed, trailing a blood red fingertip down Adam’s chest. “My day will be ever so much brighter now I’ve seen you.”

      Amethyst rolled her eyes and wondered why the woman was so obviously fawning over him. If they handed out awards for Best Drama in the Flirting category, Miss Fake Salon Tan would win, hands down. It seemed to her that Adam was acting as if he was totally under the woman’s spell. Like a typical man, he seemed to puff out his chest and stand a little straighter when Deedee leaned close and rested her hand on his arm for a beat too long. She decided not to expend energy trying to figure out why that irked her. She was just proud she managed to keep from gagging.

      She noticed Nana Millie wedging her way between the two at the same time Lily appeared at the screen door. The child smacked the mesh with both hands, hard enough to rattle the door. “Go away!” she yelled. “Nana doesn’t like you!”

      “Lily! That’s not nice,” Adam reprimanded.

      “Well, she doesn’t, Daddy.”

      “Oh my, I just got a chill,” the Flirt Queen announced, glaring at Lily as if the child had something to do with it. She unwrapped the shawl that was draped over her arm and handed it to Adam, who gallantly spread it across her shoulders. “Now, don’t forget to call me, sugar. I’ll make it worth your time.”

      “Absolutely, Deedee,” Adam said. “I promise I’ll call as soon as I can.”

      Deedee smiled and teetered toward the porch steps. A scowling Nana Millie followed. She looked as if she wanted to push the realtor down the stairs.

      Amethyst grinned. Millie probably wouldn’t have to do anything to make that happen, even if she could. But four-inch stilettos didn’t mix well with tilting, century-old steps. Which made her wonder how the woman had managed to get up the stairs in the first place.

      Though she wasn’t a mean-spirited person, she couldn’t help getting caught in a snare of disappointment when Adam realized Deedee’s predicament and rushed forward to help her descend. Okay, so he’d been raised in Sweetness which also meant he’d been taught the manners of a Southern gentleman. But she didn’t have to like it.

      “Why, thank you very kindly, Adam,” Deedee purred when she was back on level ground. “Keep in touch, now, hear?” She nodded to Amethyst and tottered down the walkway in the direction of the flashy sports car Amethyst had parked behind. Millie followed Deedee onto the sidewalk, but stopped and turned to stare at the house at the same time Amethyst heard the screen door squeak open.

      Lily hurtled down the steps, then stopped directly in front of the spirit. “Nana, the bad lady is gone now. It’s okay,” she said to the apparition. A tingle shot down Amethyst’s spine. Was it possible that Lily could see her great-grandmother?

      “Lily, honey, we’ve talked about this,” Adam said, going down on one knee next to his daughter. “Nana’s not here. She’s gone away, sweetie.”

      Lily frowned and shook her head. “No Daddy, she’s right here.” She pointed at the spirit. “See?”

      Nana Millie smiled at the child. Her apple pie scent enveloped them all.

      Adam sighed and looked worried. “Lily keeps insisting Nana is here with us. I’ve tried to tell her she’s gone, but the concept of death is hard to understand when you’re four.”

      “Well, some people feel that spirits hang around until they are sure their loved ones are okay,” Amethyst pointed out. “Maybe your grandmother really is here.”


      • Sheila
        December 21, 2017 @ 10:48 pm

        Loved the excerpt and just went and got the story. 🙂


        • Robin Michaela
          December 22, 2017 @ 6:27 am

          Thanks so much, Sheila – happy holidays!


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